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Jew Challenge 
T7 to. Great 


My Turn 

You know thot old saying "Don't judge o book by its cover"?. I, unfortunately, must odmit that I was (and still 
am) guilty of such practice. My decisions on whom I trust depends heavily on the first encounter with them. I om 
pretty sure some people reading this now are thinking of names for me like naive, narrow-minded and so on. I'll 
let you (not that I could even attempt to stop you). I do choose to (or are forced to) give some people more 
than one chance, though, like some of my fellow staff members. I love all you guys, even though sometimes 
you might not know or think I do. Honestly, I will miss my fellow Grizzly staffers more than anything else at 

Another group that I have encountered in these two years provides another example of my poor judgment. 
After my first encounter, I wasn't sure if I still wanted to be involved. However, I stuck with it and now I wish I 
would have found this group sooner. The members actually turned out to be an awesome group and tons of 
help. Those of this group reading probably know I am talking to you. Additionally, the hiring of one of my fellow 
co-workers. I can admit that when she started I was about ready to swing at her, but workplace violence is 
never good. All I heard about her hod a negative aim, but now about four months later I really enjoy her being 
one of my co-workers. She is a sweet girl. Then there was an ex-boyfriend that again proved that I made a 
mistake. LUhen I first met the guy, I swore he was the strangest guy in world, but wasn't ready to commit. After 
a rocky start and several mini -breakups, he and I worked the issues out. Currently, we have been dating steadi- 
ly for months. He has been an outstanding boyfriend; I don't think I will trade him for anyone else. 

Of course, there has to be a flip side of "judging a book by its cover." It involved another ex-boyfriend. 
LUhen I saw him, I instantly wanted to go out with him. And when I found out the feeling was mutual, we 
began dating. The relationship started on a downward spiral within two weeks. I wanted to have a serious 
relationship, but wasn't ready for marriage. UUe ended up having tons of fights. Boy, what wedded bliss that 
would have been, not. Our fights involved anything from money to a slight difference in opinion. After four 
months, I was out and retreated back to my "comfort zone." To this day, I haven't seen him. 

Is there a moral to this story? LUell, I guess there could be, "Judge the book from the inside cover instead of 
the outside cover." 

About the Author - Josie Bartel is a 
sophomore from Hillsboro, Kan. who 
enjoys the outdoors, playing tennis, 
writing, taking photos and hanging out 
with her friends. Currently, her future 
plans are fuzzy. She plans to further her 
education somewhere in Kansas at some 
later date. Directly after graduating, she 
plans to continue working to earn some 
more money. 


Opinion Opinion Opinion 

Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 


A Ye^r in Review 
He saicj/Sbe 53i4 


Grizzy Actventures 

DEX Marketing 3n4 Management 

Emily Matbias 


L. W. Nixon Library 
I The Goo4 Doctor 

1 Opinion by Matt Habn 


Wbgt's 'Hegr' foh Your Ears/ 



Goodbye Staff 

MAs tbe Pen Leaves the Paper 
M"Tbe Beginning of 3 New Chapter 

RES 050 GRI 2004 

Butler County Community 

Butler Community College 

901 S. Haverhill Road 

Building 100, Room 104 

El Dorado, Kansas 67042 


Front and back cover art by 

Shila Young, Jennifer Chrapkowski 

and Michelle Avis 

Photos by Jennifer Chrapkowski 

and Michelle Avis 

:._.._.. __!.:_" 

The Grizzly 

Final 2004 


Managing Editor 
Shila Young 


Matt Hahn 

Josie Bartel 

Online Editor 

Michelle Avis 

Design Editors 

Jennifer Chrapkowski 

Robin Kamahan 

Staff Writers 

Kassey Kubik 

Twambi Kalinga 

Andrew Keeling 

Michael Swan 

Contact the Grizzly Staff at (316)323-6893 

Table Of Contents Table Of Contents Table of Contents 
Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 



A look back at the year's events 

Page Design by Twarobi Kalinga 

by Josh Giiroore, Jetinih Beetles an4 Magazine Staff 



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' -y- •:. 







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i k 

— fct«« 



i M 







▼■ fc: 

Opinion Opinion 

Grizzly Grizzly 





Opinions of the worst kind about: 

Do women ever pick the good guy? In the 
movies yes, but in real life it hardly ever happens. 

A guy can be Prince Charming day after day 
and have intelligent conversations with a girl for 
hours on end. However, when it comes down to it 
she chooses the popular bad boy. 

Why?... Well, he has had plenty of practice and 
lacks honor. He can tell her what she wants to 
hear because he has already said the same thing to 
countless other women and doesn't care if he hurts 
her feelings. 

When the jerk does leave her who does she run 
to? Prince Charming of course because he has 
gotten to know her and knows what she needs to 
feel better. 

To me, that would be the beginnings of a won- 
derful relationship. Aren't you supposed to know 
your significant other as well as yourself? Most of 
the popular guys I've met are too involved with 
themselves to even realize there is someone else 

So why don't girls go after the guy who knows 
what color her eyes are, her favorite band, her 
favorite perfume, her favorite ice cream flavor and 
other little things that make a good relationship? 

Apparently not, because when the nice guy 
tries for the girl what does she tell him? C'mon, 
everybody knows this one. ..Let's just be friends. 

Someone please tell me if I need to become a 
butthead to get girls, because so far we good guys 
aren't finishing last... we're not even in the race. 


Matt Hahn 

In Reply: From my experiences, most women don't choose the intellectual guy. Maybe because the guys, who are 
smart enough, don't go out to clubs on a regular basis or most of the guys, who are smart enough, aren't 
considered to be part of the in scene, maybe down right nerdy. However, isn't love supposed to be blind? So what if 
we aren't big and buff or spend a lot of time on the computer or reading. You know where that is going to get us? A 
high paying job where we manage all these guys who spend all their time and money at the clubs. So, once again, the 
old saying of "Don't judge a book by its cover" rings ever more true in cases such as this. 



Grizzly Grizzly 


Academics , 




Bad boys getting good girls 



Jennifer Chrapkowski 

The bad boy image might seem interesting to 
others, but I will have to say no thanks. Why 
would any girl want to have a guy that treats her 
wrong? Aren't guys supposed to be polite and 
well-mannered so you'll be able to take them 
home to the folks without giving them a heart 

Call me crazy, but having a guy be a perfect 
gentleman on a romantic date versus a "bad boy," 
whose idea of a date is listening to his garage 
band play shouldn't be too much to ask for. 

College guys have this idea in their heads that 
being the life of the party (drunk and rowdy) is 
what women want. But, they couldn't be more 

I can understand when most people go out to 
clubs a few coeds catch their eye and often it's 
the type you wouldn't normally want; in that case 
the good/bad guy question really matters. 

But, when you're out and about on the town 
in a more casual setting, I would rather my date 
be able to hold an intellectual conversation and 
not just be able to be the best dancer in the club. 

I know that most girls feel this way because 
if that date ever became their boyfriend why 
would we want to take them anywhere other than 
a nightclub? 

I am not saying that every typical bad boy 
always means a bad guy behind the image, but 
unless you're a woman out there who wants to 
risk another bad experience with Mr. Wrong, I 
wouldn't risk it. 

I would just recommend to any guy out there 
trying to be the "bad boy," or who already is, to 
clean up your act because the right girl just might 
be waiting. But until that happens, women will 
continue to have to pick through the bad guys. 

In Response To; In most cases I don't know what girl in their right mind would pick Mr. Wrong over and over 
rather than someone who knows her favorite everything. I know that there are probably genuine guys out there, but 
behind the smooth talking "I am a good guy" front most put on there is just another bad guy. I had a friend that dated 
her boyfriend for over a year and one day he became abusive. He sure did have a nice face by day but that changed. If 
there are so many good guys out there looking for a girl who isn't wanting the bad boy then something is definitely 
wrong. Because us girls are looking for the same thing. I think the simple answer to this problem is called dating. The 
whole point of dating is to find out more about the other person. Some day the player will meet the right girl and calm 
down. Or his maturity level will hopefully catch up, whichever comes first. As far as a guy being Prince Charming day 
after day and the girl chooses the popular bad boy... All I have to say is that it goes both ways. 

Grizzly Grizzly 















Of JK^S^' 



























& t 







ry and photos by 
Jennifer Chrapkowski 

Academics Academics 
Grizzly Grizzly 


Spotters ready? Ready for what you ask? For the 
new Grizzly Adventures Challenge course. 
While participating in the course one will encounter 
high and low elements that aren't just exhilarating, 
they also build teamwork and self-confidence. 
The course also emphasizes leadership and problem 

Participants are given the choice to do high ele- 
ments which include: the tower of power, two rock 
walls, rappelling, the play pen, the wall and the 
power pole. Another choice is the low elements: the 
wild woozy, the generations gap, the TP shuffle and 
the mountain top. Low elements will encourage deci- 
sion making and gathering information that will help 
in the real world. 

After each low element, the group gives feedback 
of their performance to see what they did well on and 
what they can improve on for next time. 

Participants can choose to do any combination of 
high and low elements. 

The course's permanent location is in the south- 
west corner of campus. However, it can be mobile. 
The facilitators will travel with some low elements 
and several dynamic tasks to build teamwork. 

When seeing the course for the first time, it may 
appear to be a giant jungle gym set. 

"The first time I saw the course I was surprised. 
Once it was explained, I was really eager to try it 
out," says Twambi Kalinga, Malawi sophomore. 

As fun as it looks, it does have a serious side. 
Each facilitator has put a lot of training and time into 
making the course an unforgettable experiance. 

Every facilitator is ROPES course certified. This 
includes training in the equipment, first aid and CPR. 
Their teamwork and dedication is obvious to anyone 
who sees them. They help to ease people's fears to 
make it easier to step out of their comfort zone. 

"Facilitators feed energy off each other and that 
energy goes to the participants. The atmosphere takes 

the work out of the job. Of course, we stay con- 
centrated because of safety, but the energy makes 
the course fun," says Shane Steinkamp, Course 

The challenge course is only one piece of a 
bigger puzzle. 

A new course is offered at Butler — a 
Leadership Studies Program. It may not seem to 
go hand in hand with the course, but it does. They 
were funded by a grant from the U.S. Department 
of Education. Thanks to efforts of U.S. 
Representative Todd Tiahrt, Butler received the 
congressional award. 

The new course will increase leadership poten- 
tial, develop qualified leaders and cultivate values 
associated with effective leadership. This is a 12 
credit hour certificate that will help develop new 
skills to take into either professional or personal 

In mid-April, Tiahrt made a dedication appear- 
ance at the new course. 

While there he received a tour from the facili- 

"When I got here I was terrified, " says Tiahrt. 

"It was nice to have him (Tiahrt) come so we 
could show him our appreciation," says 

Students in the leadership course will use the 
challenge course as a learning tool. 

"The course was exactly what it's named. It 
was mentally and physically challenging," says 

Since it has opened, the facility has taken up 
over 700 participants, including many of Butler's 
programs, youths, non-profit organizations and 

So whether your looking for fun or for busi- 
ness, call Shane Steinkamp, Course Director at 
(316) 323-6874 or write 

Grizzly Adventures Course Facilitators 

Chad Steinkamp Becki Foster Meg Hageman 

Amv Estes Susan Howell Course Director- 

Paul Kyle Robert Carlson Shane Steinkamp 

Meg McGranaghan Dustin Avery 

Heidi Hulse Jennifer Pope 

:ademics Academics Academics 

Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 



Challenging your 
Mind and your 








Delta Epsilon Chi 

Marketing and Management 

U s iMJt.JW* a*- 

liatta ^tsitan CM 

What is Delta Epsilon Chi? 

Delta Epsilon Chi, or DEX (referring to 
the Greek letters) is basically the college 
branch of high school DECA. According to 
the DECA homepage at 
"DECA is the most progressive association 
for students and teachers of marketing, man- 
agement and entrepreneurship in America." 
There are over 1 70,000 DECA members, 
4,500 marketing teachers and 14,000 post- 
secondary DEX members involved. 

What are some of the benefits of 

According to, members: 

■ May have the opportunity to compete in 
DECA's co-curricular Competitive Events 
Program with more than $40,000 in cash 
awards annually to international competitive 
event winners 

■ Are eligible for scholarships in excess of 
$250,000 annually for students and teachers 

■ Receive leadership training at conferences 
for networking, skill building and competing 

■ May apply for co-op job placements for 
real-world learning 

■ Have the opportunity to participate in 
many activities from fundraisers to 
community service projects 

■ Can receive corporate support and part- 
nerships with the more than 60 national 
businesses and educational institutions on 
DECA's National Advisory Board. 



Academics Academics 




What do members do here at Butler Community College? 

Local DEX members competed at the Missouri Career Development Conference held Feb. 18-19 in Lake 
Ozark. Over 100 students from 2-year schools like Butler as well as from 4-year schools such as the 
University of Missouri competed at the conference. Each contestant completed a written test and management 
simulated experience. Events encompassing various areas of marketing, advertising, management and 
promotions events were judged by business professionals active in their related fields. 

Butler DEX adviser Jared McGinley said of the Missouri conference, "It was a great chance for our 
students to get a taste of how these competitive events work, as well as qualify for Nationals in April, which 
they all did. Now it's time to take the lessons we've learned and apply them on a bigger stage in Nashville. 
Only then will we see how we compare to the brightest marketing students in the nation." 

After the team competed in Nashville, McGinley said, "The students had a great year, preparing and prac- 
ticing for competitive events, traveling to and sightseeing in Lake Ozark and Nashville. I am very happy to 
see their hard work pay off in terms of national recognition and a super experience at the National 
Conference. They represented Butler very well at the national level. I am very proud of their efforts." 

Kansas Results of the Missouri Career 
Development Conference held Feb. 18-19 
in Lake Ozark, Mo: 

President Robert Welch and Treasurer Sara 

Sports and Entertainment Marketing 

Treasurer Sara Houdyshell and Secretary 
Joshua Smith: 

Business Ethics 

Secretary Joshua Smith: 

Restaurant and Food Service Marketing 

Vice-President Sheila Sayers: 

Marketing Management 

Management Decision Making in Merchandising 

Historian Michelle Avis: 

Web Site Development 
E-Commerce Decision Making 

Students interested in marketing and manage- 
ment are invited to contact Jared McGinley at 
322-3240 or visit Butler's 300 building on Fridays 
at 1 p.m. to attend the next DEX meeting. 

On a roll! (Facing page) 

Top group - 2002: Damita Burgess, Latisha Dickman, Jason Wilgus, 
Joanie Bailey, Erika Curtis, Kyle Pr ingle, Becky Lee, adviser Jared 
McGinley, Brianne Berg, Phil Meyer, Stephanie Fisk. 

Second group - 2003: Stefanie Schurr, Latisha Dickman, Jason 
Wilgus, Becky Lee, Kyle Pringle, Damita Burgess, Stephanie Fisk, 
Stuart Singleton. 

Bottom group - 2004: Sheila Sayers, Sara Houdyshell, Robert Welch, 
adviser Jared McGinley, Michelle Avis, Joshua Smith. 

Kansas Results of the International 
Career Development Conference 
held April 14-17 in Nashville, Tenn: 

Robert Welch: 

Event Finalist in Human Resource Decision Making 
Top Ten Finish Overall 

Sara Houdyshell: 

Competed in Advertising Design 
Event Finalist 

Sheila Sayers: 

Competed in Marketing Management 

Stephanie Fisk: 

Event Finalist in Retail Management 
Second Place Overall 

(A former top ten finisher and Butler member, 
Fisk attended with the Butler team.) 

(Members Joshua Smith and Michelle Avis were 
unable to attend this conference due to 
scheduling conflicts.) 







Tarheel State 

After teaching ED years Emily Hathias 

Story g n4 photos by Josie Barte 

I heard a rumor that one of Butler's teachers was going 
to retire after this semester. This prompted me to figure out 
who it was and cover the individual. Retirement is a reason 
to celebrate or at least to receive some great praise. I dis- 
covered the teacher was Emily Mathias of the English 
department. She teaches courses such as English 
Fundamentals, English Composition I and II and 
Introduction to Literature. All her classes take place in the 
1500 building and are morning courses. Her office is locat- 
ed in the 100 building, room 133, however. 

Bom and raised right here in El Dorado, her first teach- 
ing job, ironically, was not in El Dorado. After earning her 
bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of 
Kansas, she taught in Athens, Ohio in 1970 at the high 
school level. Her first full-time teaching job at Butler 
Community College occurred five years ago. 

When she was going to school it was a common prac- 
tice that the girls became teachers, this is the main reason 
she became one. Mathias felt the teaching occupation 
would be what she would want to do. If given the chance 
to make that career choice again she believes that she still 
would choose teaching. 

To verify a misconception one may have, Mathias will 
be ending her semester here. She and her husband plan to 
move to the East Coast, specifically North Carolina. 
Mathias, however, is undecided if she will look for a teach- 
ing job in North Carolina. If she chooses not to pursue 
teaching, she will retire and pursue her personal interests. 

Currently her hobbies include: reading, singing, cooking 
and letter writing. I bet she expects to continue those hob- 
bies while pursuing new ones, such as writing a book and 
poetry, learning Spanish and carpentry and taking singing 
lessons to name just a few. Sounds like she plans to stay 
pretty active. 

Final GradcSl Mrs. Emily Mathias explains to her 
class how she figured the semester grades. Giving stu- 
dents an idea of where they stand helps them make a 
decision on dropping or not. 

BoyS Learning the BaSiCS- Jimmie Beard, Jonathan 
Wilhite and Chris Felder before sitting down to learn the 
basics of writing in Mrs. Emily Mathias' 11 a.m. English 
Composition I class. 


Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics (\ 
Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 



may retire to pursue personal interests 

Her favorite part of Butler is the students. 

"The students are wonderful, very interesting, 
different and polite. I enjoy being their teacher," 
she says. 

Her least favorite part is the fact that she will 
have to leave Butler Community College eventually. 

As in most occupations there has to be a 
favorite memory. After some deliberation, Mathias 
says: "A couple of years ago, two former students, 
all grown up, called me on their way to a business 
meeting and recited poetry to me they learned in my 
class 20 years previously." 










"I enjoy 

teacher - 


Mrs. Emily Mathias, English 








Pick a Topic, Any Topic: Kyla Thompson, Alonso Arredondo 
and Matt McCoy listen to Mrs. Emily Mathias as she tells her students 
how to pick a topic and elaborate on to make a research paper. 

Bopping tO the Beats: Cedric Boone lis- 
tens to his portable CD player prior to Mrs. 
Mathias ' lecture. Many individuals carry 

portable CD players around campus. 

Concentration is Key: shane 

Eslit thinks of sentences for vocabu- 
lary words. Mathias gives them a list 
at the beginning of the semester and 
every Thursday they get tested over 

academics Academics Academics Academics Academics 
Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 




Check it out! 

There's no excuse for boredom at Butler. Even during the summer, the L. W. Nixon 
Library is open (and air conditioned) for patrons' enjoyment. 

Events from poetry readings to discussion groups are scheduled at various times through- 
out the year. 

Internet access is available in the Dennis Martens Computer Lab as well as throughout 
the library. There are even laptops for two-hour checkout within the library. They net- 
work to a wireless router that allows them to access the Internet and even print from the 
cushy chairs. 

Many different interests are represented in the magazine and newspaper collection. 
There are DVDs, videos, audio books and even an audio/visual lab so materials need not 
be checked out to be enjoyed. 

And, of course, there are books. In fact, there are over 50,000 items in the growing 
collection. SCKLS Rotating Books, on loan from the South Central Kansas Library 
System, are rotated every two months. If an item isn't listed in Butler's card catalog 
( but is on the Kansas Library Catalog 
( it can be borrowed through interlibrary loan. A 
Butler student only needs a student ID to be able to request and check out materials. 
Community members can apply for the community library card. All Kansas citizens can 
even apply for a free Kansas Library Card which provides access to state information and 
research resources as well as NetLibrary E-books. Cardholders can login to the website 
using their birthdates and the card's assigned PIN number. 

mi i 'iaL ijm**^ m^* 

I uTmB 


Shhh! It's the staff of the L. W. Nixon Library. 

Rani Ahmad - Library Associate Specialist; Technical. Ronda Holt - Library Technology 
Specialist. Hazel Clothier - Assistant Director of Library Services. Judy Bastin - 
Reference Librarian. Juli Willhite - Library Associate Specialist; Administrative. Micaela 
Ayers - Director of Library Services. Lonnie Marley - Library Associate Specialist; 
Circulation Manager. (Photo courtesy of the Library.) 

Features Features Features Features Features 
Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 

E>u Michelle Avk 

Can't make it to El Dorado? The L. 
W. Nixon Library also provides library 
services at Andover High School, 
(1744 North Andover Road, Phdne: 
316.733.3679) Augusta High School 
(2020 Ohio, Daytime Phone: 
316.775.5461, Evening: 316.775.2815) 
and Rose Hill High School (P.O. Box 
111, Phone: 316.776.3393). 

Just need a quick answer to a 
question? Use the KANAnswer link at to get 
free live help from a Kansas librarian. 
Just don't be afraid to ask questions, 
librarians are here to help. 

Left: There is a large assortment of children's 
books for use by Children's Literature stu- 
dents as well as actual children! 

Below: Student workers John Glover and 
Estela Mitchell wait for their chance to help 

Butler Community 


L.W. Nixon Library 

901 S. Haverhill Rd 
El Dorado, KS 67042 


Circulation Desk: 
(From Wichita 
FAX 316.322.3315 

Library Hours: 

Monday - Thursday: 
8 a.m. - 9 p.m. 
Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Saturday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
Sunday: 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. 



Features Features 






The Good Doctor 


Gina Austin 

Set Designer: 

Bernie Wonsetler 

The Writer: 

"Doctor" Bob Peterson 

The Sneeze: 

Cherdyakov Josh Burns 

Sonya Stephanie Braniff 

General Phillip Purcell 

Wife Megan Trenary 

The Governess: 

Mistress Rachel Simmons 

Julia Elaine Reynolds 

Photo Ess^y By Kassey Kubik & 

Sbi'la Young 

Sexton Michael Wilke 

Kuryatin Josh Burns 

The Seduction: 

Peter Cody Clites 

Husband Travis Seirer 

Wife Stephanie Braniff 

The Drowned Man: 

Sailor Josh Munoz 

Policeman. ..Phillip Purcell 

The Defenseless Creature: 

Assistant Matt Luther 

Kistunov Adam Rust 

Woman Megan Trenary 

The Arrangement: 

Boy Kyle Reynolds 

Girl Rachel Simmons 

Stage Manager: 

Mark Apalu 

Running Crew: 

Robby Miller 
Lucas Kinsey 

Brett Mauk 
Austin McCrea 



lures Features 
Grizzly Grizzly 



Butler County Community College 
Theatre. Department Presents 



adapted front and suggested 
t*y stories by Anton chekhov 

directed by 

designed by 
[E WDNSciTliiiR 






produced through 
fecial arrangement 
iamuel french. Inc. 

APRIL 15, 


APRIL 17 :^ 

3:00 pm ' ; 

College Theatre. 

■■Mis: $4.00 Students: SI, 






BCGC Students and Faculty 
admitted with ID 

\ For reservations can 

F " ifoo i°04 








Af> R 

Features Features Features Features 

Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 

„ BCCr °°4 

The Incorporated 
States of America? 

Opinion by Matt Hahn 

We've all been told for a 
while now Social Security 
probably won't be around 
by the time we are ready to 
retire. Why? 

Everyone I know was 
outraged at this news. 
However, all anyone did 
was grumble and go on 
with their lives. 

Unfortunately, I did the 
same until I received an e- 
mail about the Golden 
Fleece Retirement Act. It 
said our senators and con- 
gressmen would expect to 
receive $7,800,000 while 
their wives collected 
$275,000 during the last 
years of their lives. It also 
said the cost of this plan 
for them was $0.00. This 
retirement plan would be 
paid for by our tax dollars. 
Well now, that would 
explain where our money is 

Well, I decided to look 
into it and my world went 
crazy. The Social Security 
deal has people ranting 
against the Fleece plan 
while others say it doesn't 
exist. You can find numer- 
ous arguments for both 

While searching, I dis- 

covered one person at 
who had contacted 
Congressman Gilchrest (R- 
MD), who spelled out the 
actual plan wherein they 
DO pay income tax and 
their retirement income 
cannot exceed 80 percent 
of their earned income. A 
little reassuring, but still 
unbalanced when you think 
most retired Americans get 
somewhere around $ 1 ,000 
a month. 

However, something 
extra came of my search- 
ing. . .1 began to want to 
know what was going on. 
If things like this could slip 
by without us knowing, 
what else could be going 
on? Well, quite a bit. 

Have you heard that 
around the world 
Americans are disliked by 
most others? Why is that? 
What have we done to get 
this reputation? I know I 
haven't crossed the ocean 
to slap someone. Well, it 
boils down to the old say- 
ing 'one bad apple ruins the 

Who could these bad 
apples be? Addicts. It's 
not the pot-head next door 

or the crack head in the alley. 

Pot-heads don't have the motivation and all the people and 
businesses robbed by hard core addicts don't even compare to 
the millions of dollars stolen by CEOs and other corporate 
bigwigs. Apparently, to them money is crack and they have to 
have more and more to get their fix. Even at the cost of hun- 
dreds of American livelihoods. Can you say Enron? 

There is another subject which needs attention. Gas. 
Well, for most of us, gas prices to be exact. 

How is it our oil supply remains the same and yet, every 
time there is some kind of tragedy, gas prices soar? As moti- 
vated and ingenious as the American people can be, why 
haven't we come up with better engines or alternative fuels? 
Well, the truth is we have. Most of you have heard the stories 
of people inventing a super carburetor or alternative fuel and 
then being hassled by corporations to sell them the patent. If 
they don't, the person's life is turned upside down. 

I recently investigated a story about an individual who cre- 
ated one such device which would allow any car to get at least 
110 miles per gallon. As soon as he revealed this news he 
was the subject of aggressive corporate persuasion. 

Aren't we currently in a war against terrorism? The defi- 
nition of terrorism is "The unlawful use or threatened use of 
force or violence by a person or an organized group against 
people or property with the intention of intimidation or coer- 
cion." So why do we fight against terrorism in other countries 
and let it happen on our own soil? 

I don't expect you to believe everything I write and I 
wouldn't want you to. Go out and look into things you don't 
think add up. Find things out and talk to people. 

Experts say our world is going through globalization. 
However, we have the choice to let it be corporate or human 
globalization and we've seen how much some corporations 
care about people. All we have to do is pay a little attention. 

eatures Feature! 
Grizzly Grizzly 





The best way to know what is going on is to listen to what 
they don't tell you. Here are some sites for independent, non 
corporate, and grassroots news and events. 

Rage Against The Machine 
(Benefits, movements <& protests) 

Independent Media Center 
(Unbiased news from around the world) 

Public Citizen 
(National non-profit public interest organization) 

Michael Moore 
(Interesting views which will make you think) 

Or just do a general search on 'independent media' for 
Lin-biased independent news from places such as Seattle, 
New York, U.K. and Melbourne. 

Features Features Features r\ a 
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Review and Photos by Matt Hahn and John Beasley 

As you may recall, my first article was about local bands who had members in the Butler student body. I 
was allowed to meet some very talented individuals and follow their achievements and setbacks. In my time 
in this music scene some have disappeared while others have flourished, so my partner and I, in the written 
and spoken word, have decided to revisit the previous groups and add some newly discovered ones. 

In the Fall 2002 edition of the Grizzly we took a look at four bands. TNT, Painizart, Yesterday's Lost and 
Case of the Mondays were the featured bands and all showed promise. Unfortunately, I was only able to get 
ahold of Case of the Mondays, but the news was quite inspiring. 

One Way Ticket 


Case of the Mondays 

One Way Ticket was a band 
featured in the first article. 
Known then as Case of the 
Mondays, they have since moved 
on. The band still includes Jon 
Brickley, Brian Nelson, Aaron Pew and Brian Gensch. 
However, Joey Schurtz has control of the bass and Chase 
Tinius belts out the backup vocals along with anything extra 
which might need to be done. 

One Way Ticket recently played in a battle of bands in 
Nashville where they stomped the competition and won a 
recording contract. There is a good possibilty that July will 
mark the beginning of the recording of their second album. 

They will also be playing at Jesusfest. This religious festi- 
val accomodates 10-15,000 people and will be a great boost for 
One Way Ticket's reputation. 

So to One Way Ticket I say, "Congratulations" and to the 
rest of you keep an ear out for these rising stars. 




Elliot Road 

My first time around I unfortunately 
missed a band right here at Butler. 
John Beasley, a Mass Communications veteran and comput- 
er buff here at Butler Community College leads the band 
Elliot Road which has been playing together for three years. 

Band members John Beasley (vox/guitar) and Ryan 
VanFleet (bass/vox) met each other during high school. 
With a common interest in music, they decided to start a 
band. Eventually, John's brother Jim joined the band as the 
drummer, to complete the trio. Elliot Road currently resides 
in the Wichita area and is working on their first CD. 

The CD will include songs like "And I Say," "The End," 
" Waiting For You" and "Fell Away." Their music reminds 
me of some emo punk, but with true emotion. Some of 
their songs just make your heart quiver like a lone leaf at the end of a long branch on a windy day. 

It might be a while until they have a gig booked, but to stay on top of things check out www.elliotroad 


vrw r^rcf 

Y\ f # I ^ Prime Factor 1 3 's music has easily kept my attention for a good 
long while. This well-balanced group consists of Val Green (vox), 
Matt Schnersey (bass), Patrick Houlihan (guitar) and Jason Nguyen (drums). 
Matt, Patrick and Jason create a mellow yet upbeat groove which Val smooths 
over with an almost angelic voice. 

Their seven song CD '"Rise" includes songs ranging from introspective 
songs like "Realm" and "Yellow" to uplifting songs like "Hold On." 

Their shows involve an interesting mix of music. Combining their mel- 
low mood with harder songs, like cover by "System of a Down," creates a nice 
well-rounded experience. 
Right now they are in the midst of getting more songs recorded so it might be 
a little while before another show comes around, but you can keep updated by 
checking out their profile at 


Features Featu 
Grizzly Grizzly 



Roam is an upcoming Wichita Punk band who is start- 
ing to make a name for themselves outside of the Wichita 
area and for a good reason. When listening to their hard hitting music 
and twisted lyrics it's hard to keep your head from banging. 

The band consists of Bryce W. (guitar/vox), Brant G. (guitar/vox), 
Ryan B. (bass) and Jeremy H. (drums). 

They will be coming out with an EP 'Surrender' by the end of May 
and shortly thereafter will begin touring in and around Kansas for the 
whole month of June. Then, on July 22, they will be playing the 
Wheatland Jam put on by 92.7. This event will be an excellent chance 
to experience Roam and many other Kansas bands in one great musical 

Sometime after all this they will be releasing their first full length 
CD. This self titled CD should be worth the wait and I'm told it will 
have an interesting hidden track. 

of Industry 

Machines of Industry is a local heavy metal band 
that has already made waves outside Kansas. 
With 2 CDs under their belt and a new one in 
progress they are well on their way to spread- 
ing their infectious groove far and wide. 
"Cruel Hand Luke" (guitar/vox), "John Malice" (drums) and 
"Scotty Belligerent" (bass/backvox) combine to treat the listener to 
heavy riffs accompanied by hard yet understandable lyrics. Their 
style can be heard on their first album "Everyone Hates Machines of 
Industry" or the more recent "Final Act of Defiance." 

If you're one of those people who prefer to get a firsthand feel for a 
band, they will be playing along with 15 other bands at Crazy J's "Sleep 
with the Best Fest 2" on May 26. 

This is a free concert featuring local talent and will run from 10 a.m. to 9 
p.m. Machines of Industry will play around 2 p.m. or 2:30 p.m., but I encourage you to 
go and support all the local bands. For any info concerning Machines check out 

i .« a i k 


1 lJ4 

» -J "tlT 




With their appealing rock sound and true to life yet 
harshly poetic lyrics, Helvis is bound for notoriety. 
They even have catchy stage names like Bobby Comfort (vox), Scotty 
Baddhart (guitar), Jesse Jack Heartattack (guitar), Slim Chance (bass) 
and Rhyno Coaltrain (drums). 

Currently, the only thing they have recorded is a self named EP 
whose only downfall is that it's too darn short. The three song CD 
features the songs "Ghost of Rock N Roll," "Blacklight" and 
"Wheezy," which gives you just enough to get pumped and then it 
ends. However, there is hope. Helvis is in the process of creating 
their first LP; a seven song CD due out in a couple of months. 

For those of you who can't wait until they release the CD, you can 
see them in concert at River's Edge Bar during the Riverfest. Well, 
behind the Edge to be exact so all you underage kids who wouldn't normally get to hear them can. They play 
on May 15 at 9 p.m. For any extra information check out 


Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment Entertainmei 
Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 

Killed by Robots 


. " 

Killed by Robots 
is another local 
favorite and for good reason. Their style is new and 
refreshing while still having some good hard roots. 
It's kind like emo punk with bite and then a kick in 
the head. 

This quartet consisting of (from left to right) 
Tyson Hummel (vox/guitar), Hilaario Orozco (gui- 
tar), Brandon LaBarge (drums) and Kyla Showalter 
(bass) has been together for three years. They have 
produced two EPs and their recent full length LP 
"Ambulance" definitely conveys their commitment 
to music. 

As with most local bands, Killed by Robots has an upcoming show during Riverfest. They will play at the 
bar John Barleycorns Thursday, May 13, at 10 p.m. The show will also include Istanbullies and Ricky Fittz. 

Make sure to catch this show or you'll have catch them while they're touring this summer. 

.end of story 

Skot Reed heads the con- 
tinually evolving band .end of 
story. Started in 1 996 by Skot, story has been through sever- 
al members, but remains his brainchild. 

.end of story has a crisp, clean musical feel. The semi- 
jazzy rock groove is reminiscent of Alice in Chains, but not 
enough to seem like a tribute band. 

The EP includes four excellent songs: "Battleship Gray," 
"Souls Yesterday," "Radio Waves" and a cover of "Hold 
Your Head Up." 

There aren't any gigs scheduled anytime soon because 
Skot (everything), David Eichman (guitar) and Troy Haggar 
(drums, temporary) have been holed up at Anybody Listening? recording studio, owned by Skot, compiling 
the first LP. It's a 17 track CD titled "Self Propelled," due out by the end of the year. To get info or check on 
their progress, go to 

Bu£g Finn 


'Through Buildings, Over Streets" 

,. Fortunate Me 

2. Three-Piece Armani 

3. Song of Sleep 

4. I'll Let You Go 

Bugg Finn is an interesting sound I have just 
recently come in contact with. The group consists 
of Philip Toalston. Yep, that's right, a one man band, but one wouldn't 
be able to tell just by listening to the EP. 

His first real recording effort, "Through Buildings, Over Streets," 
includes four songs. The first two tracks were a little too 80s for me 
but Phil redeems himself with the beautifully flowing last tracks. The 
first LP, a 13 track CD, is planned for release pending finances. 

Unfortunately, no shows will be held any time soon due to the 
soloist's self-proclaimed stage fright, but you can order CDs or find out if he's rid himself of his butterflies by 
e-mailing him at 

As you can see, there is talent all over Kansas. Some have been shared with the world and some have not, 
but that is what we the people are here for. Go out and see some shows. If they're not what you like, there 
are sites such as and who have lists of bands from every style, 
where they're from and when they play. So there, you have no excuses. Go experience something new and, if 
it moves, tell some friends. By this process, maybe we can make Wichita the music scene I believe it can be. 

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Take a look at Heather 
Hitschmann's life at Butler 

Story By Andrew Keeling 
Photos by Josh Gilmore 

Running the bases: Hitschmann is looking to advance 
on the bases during The Jay hawk Challenge against 
Cowley County. 


Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment 
Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 

Heather Hitschmann is enjoying her last 
year here at Butler Community College. 
Hitschmann is not only part of the Lady 
Grizzlies Softball team but is one of the key 
players on the team. Coming into the sea- 
son with only four returning sophomores she 
knew that this season would be up and 

The ladies finished with a 37-15 record 
last season and knew it would be hard to 
repeat that with so many young players on 
the team this season 

"Right now we are playing a little over 
.500 ball and I think as the season comes to 
an end we are growing as a team," says 

The centerfielder is having a season that 
most people would love to have as she has 
over a .400 batting average, 30 stolen bases 
and 17 RBI this season. As the season 
comes to an end she will conclude her 
career as a Grizzly and move on to play at 
Fort Valley State University. 

"I am looking foward to going there and 
staring new," says Hitschmann. 

The sophomore from Odin has been 
playing since she was 10 and wants to con- 
tinue when she attends Fort Valley as well 
as continue her degree in elementary edu- 

Even though she is doing well this sea- 
son she still feels there is a lot she can 
improve in herself as a player as well as a 

"With only four sophomores on the team 

this season I would like to become more of a 
leader and just continue to play hard every 
time I step on the field," Hitschmann says. 

When she is not involved with softball 
she likes to spend time with her host parents 
and their kids. 

"I really like to be around kids so when I 
am not doing anything that is one of the 
things I like to do," Hitschmann says. 

She is also preparing to go into elemen- 
tary education so she puts a lot of time into 
that as well. As she gets ready to graduate 
in May and move, she described her two 
years at Butler as very good. 

"Butler helped with my confidence and it 
prepared me for the real world. I also got a 
lot of tips and help from teachers while I was 
here and that's something I will not forget," 
Hitschmann says. 

One thing that has bothered Hitschmann 
during her two years at Butler is that she 
has connected with a lot of good people she 
has met. 

"That was really hard for me. One day 
you have a really great relationship with 
somebody here and then when you leave 
you lose contact with them," says 

Showing some love: Hitschmann high fives a teammate 
after she scores a run in a home game against 
4 Hutchinson. 





As the Pen Leaves the Paper!!! 


Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 

hat's right. I have come to the end of the page 
so to speak. The pen is literally leaving the 
paper as my time here at Butler has come to an 

You can all jump for joy now you know you don't have 
to sit through any more of my moaning and groaning arti- 

School's out for summer! School's out forever... Okay, 
don't worry, I am not going to break out into a complete 
lice Cooper rendition... But it does seem to fit. The end of 
y last year is almost here and it's truly scary. 

So it's the end of the year and sitting here looking back 
I can't believe it's over... Well, almost. I will be returning 
in the fall for 
my last class, 
but hey, over- 
coming obsta- 
cles has been 
my specialty 
this year. 

[the past three 
years I have 
made some 
(amazing friends | 
as well as some 
terrible enemies. 
But the memo- 
ries are what 
are going to 
stick with me 
the rest of my 
life. From 

Saturday night football games to Monday morning tests, I 
wouldn't change any of it for the world. 

Before I began this chapter in my life, a lot of people 
told me that college would be the best years of my 
life... Well, there were some fond memories but I wouldn't 
do it over again if given the chance. 

Many times I felt like I was back in high school, but let 
me tell any incoming freshman that college is nothing like 
high school. If you were the captain of the football team or 
even the biggest nerd, that all changes when you hit the 

Believe it or not, Mr./Miss popularity is what is known 
as runts or peons if you will. They have to work their way 
up just like everyone else here and they don't start out on 
top or making the rules. 

Through the last three years, I myself have found that 
life itself is not fair; however, it is these experiences that 

make life lessons so important. 

I find myself sitting here looking back on my time at 
Butler. Although there were plenty of times when I wanted 
to walk away, I have had a pretty good stretch here and I 
don't know what I would do without it. My friends here 
have been my biggest support system and I couldn't have 
done it without them. 

But as one chapter ends and another begins, I know that 
my time here has prepared me for what is to come. And 1 
will be able to walk away knowing that I am ready for 
whatever is out there. 

Looking back, some of my fondest memories are activi- 
ties here at Butler. Like the Halloween party the Butler 
radio station held or the Butler football team winning the 

National Championship 
with an undefeated season. 

However, with the 
good comes the bad. 
Although my time at 
Butler has been truly 
memorable there are those 
moments when I wonder 
why I am here. 

I have found over the 
past couple of years that 
ife, especially life in col- 
lege, is not fair. 

I think the biggest 
problem is not what you 
don't do but what you do 
just to try and fit in. 
You're here to gain your 
independence, and find out 
who you are. Why live up 
to someone else's standards instead of your own? 

While college is a time of growth and gaining independ- 
ence, you soon find out who is here for real and who is just 
taking the next step in life. 

I saw a sticker on a car one time that said "Enjoy Life 
It's Not A Dress Rehearsal." That is true. You don't get to 
redo your life or get a make up. You have to take what you 
can get while you can get it. But remember not to hurt peo- 
ple in the process, because one day you may turn around 
and need them. 

As the Pen Leaves the Paper!!! 

Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 


Meet the departing 

This year has been like any other great year. It has been a year of ups and downs, joy and sor- 
row and through it all the Grizzly Staff has been here to report to you the "what's up" on cam- 

pus. The people seen below are the departing staff of this year's publication. You have read 
their stories, now here is a little insight about them: 

Shila Young 

Managing Editor 

What are your future goals? 

Take over the "Big Apple" 
What challenges and motivates you? 

Reaching my goals motivates me and overcoming obstacles 

to reach those goals challenges me. 

Do you have any regrets being here at Butler? 

Only one... Not speaking up when I knew something was 

wrong or people were being treated unfairly. 

What was the best movie you watched this year? 

"Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" 

Matt Hahn 


What are your future goals? | 

Help the world 
Do you have any regrets being here at Butler? 

What keeps you motivated? 

Life ^^^^_ 
What challenges you? 
What is the biggest issue government has to deal 

with? 4w»^ii 

Corporate involvement 

Michelle Avis 

Online Editor 

What are your future goals? 

I'm transferring to Wichita State University. I had run a 
business for eight years, so I would like to do that again. 
Change one thing about Butler, what would it be? 
Make financial aid more accessible to non-traditional stu- 

What keeps you motivated? 
Four things do and number four is money. 

What is a challenge to you? 
Calculus- 1 did not get the highest grade in the class, so I 
dropped it. 

Is life a party and why? 
In a manner of speaking, yes. There's no "backspace," no 
retake, and you trade time off your life for everything 
you do. Enjoy it while you can because tomorrow you'll 
have one day less to live. 

Andrew Keeling 

Staff Writer 

What are your future goals? 

My future goal is to finish school at St. John's or the University of North 
Carolina. From there, I will get into coaching or media. 

What challenges and motivates you? 
My future keeps me motivated and life is a challenge to me. 

Is life a party and why? 
Life is a party because you only have one life and you want to live it to the 

What is the biggest issue government has to deal with? 
The biggest issue government has to deal with is finding a way to end the 
war and get employment rates up. 

What was the best movie you watched this year and why? 
The best movie I saw this year was "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" because it 
was the only movie I have seen this year! ! 

)sie Bartel 


What are your future goals? 

Following graduation, hopefully find a job with a newspaper, earn 

and save money to attend a four-year university. I would also like 

to move out of my parent's house and become independent. 

Do you have any regrets being here at Butler? 

Not getting involved much. I focused on academics more. 

Change one thing about Butler, what would it be' 

Expanding student union to include more activites. 

What keeps you motiviated? 
Knowing that I set a goal and I refuse to give up. 

What is a challenge to you? 
At this point, making and keeping new friends. 

Grizzly Grizzly 



The Grizzly Proudly Presents the Winners of the 
Kansas Associated Collegiate Press 

Overall Category 
Bronze Medal - The Grizzly Staff 

Journalist of the Year 

Shila Young and Josie Bartel - 

Two Year Magazine/Yearbook Division 



= 05 




First Place 


Anthony Carver - Headline 


Twambi Kalinga - Single Ad 


Second Place 
?he Grizzly - Cover Design 
rosie Bartel - Caption Writing 
ichelle Avis - Mini -Feature 

ichelle Avis - Single Ad 
Matt Hahn - Opinion Writing 

Third Place 
ithony Carver - Illustrations 
sremy Costello - Sports 
.tt Hahn - Opinion Writing 

Honorable Mention 
Michelle Avis - Feature 

Michelle Avis - Feature 

Kristin Sunley - Event News 

Sasha Noble - Event News 
Sasha Noble - Photo Essay 
Rhonda Giefer - Event Writinc 
Matt Hahn - Headline Writing 



i * 

Congratulations to all the 

the 2003-2004 

winners and entries 
KACP Awards 

. .,.-. -jj,-.„.,*.M